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        About Us


        Henda Precision Industry is a privately owned company founded in 2003. As an ISO certified mould maker our experienced designers, engineers and workers are passionate, professional and committed team players in the plastic industry. Supplying a full range of moulds for numerous applications and produce injection moulds for a wide range of industries including automotive, medical equipment electronics and security.

        With 2 state of the art workshops, coupled with rigorous inspection, innovative and dedicated engineers, we are capable of manufacturing up to 400 quality moulds every year.

        A wide range of injection mould tooling up to and including 30 tonnes, these include the following:

        Multi cavity
        2K and over moulding
        Stack moulds
        Multi drop hot runners including SVG
        Reverse ejection
        Auto unscrewing
        Collapsible cores
        Rapid protoype tooling

        11 in-house injection moulding machines ranging from 90 to 470 tonnes, complimented by secondary operations such as printing, plating, painting, laser etching, general assembly, ultrasonic welding, leak testing and packaging. This allows us to provide our customers with a truly one stop service from mould design through to finished quality products.

        Whether it be mould tool project only or prototype parts, Henda are the premier solution for all our customer's needs.

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        • +86 755 23597436
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